SSAS Tabular Model

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

SQL Server Analysis Services

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is a powerful data mining and online analytical processing tool designed specifically for BI applications. The SSAS service empowers users to design, create, and manage multidimensional mining models or structures by aggregating data from various sources and relational databases and leveraging data mining algorithms. This results in better data-driven decision-making and improved outcomes for businesses.

Microsoft has released the Tabular Model as an innovative, new enhancement to Analysis Services. As a self-service BI tool, the Tabular Model expands on concepts that are easy to use and understand, as compared to multidimensional models.

The Tabular Cube is designed to create business intelligence practices that are customised to various businesses. It includes functionalities that help accelerate BI processes and deliver the same for many other apps like SQL Server Reporting Services and Office 365.

SSAS services can be a huge asset to organisations when implemented and optimised properly. The components offer multiple benefits for businesses to aggregate and condense data that is siloed. It connects your business database with various applications to gain access to data and obtain in-depth insight.

Key Features of SSAS

Some of the major features of the SSAS services are given below:
● Offers availability of dynamic, row-level security along with automatic backups
● Enables querying through multidimensional objects like cubes
● Supports partitioning while limiting size to memory
● Creates and manages data models in an agile and flexible way
● May be API level backward compatible
● Works well with different designers and wizard
● Quick query response due to fact aggregation
● Creates a powerful data model for improved visual reporting
● Accessible from anywhere at anytime
● Helps create ROLAP, MOLAP, and HOLAP modes
● Allows work on client-server and offline mode

Why Should Businesses Use SSAS Services?

SSAS is a popular tool since it provides a wide range of benefits to users. Some of its benefits are listed below:
● A perfect tool for numerical data analysis and business intelligence solutions
● Prevent conflict between resources
● Helps evolve data patterns that cannot be easily accessed through data mining
● Offers a comprehensive and integrated view of business information and performance indicators to align with business goals
● Allows users to leverage dimensional relationships according to levels of hierarchy
● Assists in making in-depth data-oriented business decisions
● Extracts information quickly from aggregated facts
● Stores SSAS results in a cache for quicker access and output
● Easy and seamless data navigation by drilling down of information
● Effectively handles a large number of simultaneous users
● Makes it simple and easy to manage advanced time calculations
● Allows users to view designated cubes via a safe and secure setup
● Leverages powerful tools like Performance Point and Power View

How Can Data Analytics & Visualisation Help Create an SSAS Solution

SSAS Tabular Model are intuitive tools and offer a wide range of business benefits by maximising the use of data to gain various important business insights. We can help design, create, and implement the Tabular Cube for data analytics and visualisation and create data structures that can be used easily and can reveal crucial business information from behind chunks of data.