Exploratory Data Analytics and Visualisation to Power Up your Business

Make big data your biggest asset

Leverage the power of simplified data analytics and visualization to gain valuable information relevant to your business. Get deep insights from historical and real-time data, and implement methodical strategies to boost your business in the digital era.

Harness the true power of Data in making informed and strategic business decisions. Sift Valuable information through Unstructured data with Modern Data analytics and visualization tools.

Maximize the data use, polish, and load it in a form that helps your business to reach the right audience, create unique strategies, and achieve goals at an optimal rate.

Our professional services leverage modern tools to delve deep into the dynamics of data and draw insights useful for our company’s growth. Beat the competition in the digitally evolving world through the power of right, useful data.

Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based suite of business analytics tools that offers quick in-depth insight by visualising data. Power BI from Microsoft is the tool you need to aggregate multiple sources of data, prevent data silos, and drive impromptu data analysis, allowing you to see a comprehensive view of your company’s assets.

Power Apps

From the HR process to finance, every business process can benefit from automation through appropriate apps. Canvas Microsoft PowerApps is a goldmine when it comes to creating glitch-free apps with an interactive interface at minimal time.

Power Automate

Escalate your business efficiency with Microsoft Power automate. Leverage automation for repetitive processes like data collection, file sharing, etc. to save time, and reduce manual errors. Power automate lets you integrate data and people across the organisation to automate regular tasks and improve the overall efficiency of the organisation.

Power Virtual Agent

A Microsoft tool, Power Virtual Agents is designed to create powerful AI-enabled chatbots for various tasks, including providing answers to frequently asked questions as well as resolving
complex issues.

Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions

Dynamics 365 CRM solutions offer an in-depth view of relationships, from the organizational (known as “accounts”) to the individual level (“contacts”). The solutions provide a framework for packaging, installing, and uninstalling the CRM components to match your organization’s functionalities. Solutions allow the customers and developers to author, package, and maintain units of software within the CRM.

Power Pages

Power Pages is a great new addition to the Power Platform suite of low-code/no-code development tools which enables organizations to build professional-looking, public-facing websites without writing a single line of code and further enhances the culture of citizen developers. Power Pages came out with some innovative new capabilities including a design studio, new templates, and learning resources which will be very helpful for citizen developers to adopt power pages and start building websites in no time. It offers an easy solution for anyone to create and style a data-powered site with minimum design and coding skills.



Data Analytics & Visualisation is a leader in data analytics and business intelligence consulting and has extensive experience in helping organisations leverage the power of data.


Data Analytics & Visualisation consulting provides a range of software development services, from software coding and design to quality assurance and modernisation, that helps businesses.


We are a leading data analytics and business intelligence firm that is dedicated to providing turnkey and comprehensive BI solutions to businesses to hasten their journey to digital transformation.


We can tailor a support agreement and package to your needs, providing you with the right level of support when you need it most.


Data Governance

Data governance refers to setting internal standards and policies designed to ensure your data remains accurate, available, usable, private, and secure.

Data Warehouse

At Data Analytics & Visualisation, we can help you build a new data warehouse or modernise your legacy warehouse in a cost-effective way.

Share Point

SharePoint is an enterprise information platform that offers a wide range of features and functionalities to enterprises.

SSAS Tabular

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is a powerful data mining and online analytical processing tool designed specifically for BI applications.

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