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Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions for Data Analytics & Visualisation

Dynamics 365 CRM solutions offer an in-depth view of relationships, from the organizational (known as “accounts”) to the individual level (“contacts”). There are currently 5 Dynamics 365 CRM applications available that meet a variety of employee needs.

Dynamics 365 Sales is by far the most popular among them all; it’s like having one go-to source for sales, marketing and account management teams!

Data Analytics and Visualisation helps a wide range of clients who are using Dynamics CRM, offering consultation services to evaluate their solutions and business processes for improved efficiency. We aim to maximize our customers’ performance while providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

Many customers use a combination of the five available apps, so it’s wise to seek professional advice when selecting the right mix for your business. Microsoft has historically offered “Microsoft Dynamics CRM” as an individual application, and even referred to their current selection of five CRM applications collectively as “Customer Engagement” – this remains true in on-premise versions. To get started with expert assistance, reach out today!

Why Businesses Need Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Marketing: Enhances marketing endeavors. The end-to-end process of ideation, execution, monitoring (inclusive of financials), and optimization of multichannel campaigns is taken care of to ensure a comprehensive customer experience. All virtual and physical meetings are organized by the system, which gives insights.

Dynamics 365 Sales: Dynamics 365 Sales is a versatile tool for managing customer interactions and sales operations with ease and efficiency. Besides, you can customize the system to adapt to different stakeholder relationships effortlessly.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Boosts the performance of customer service teams.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation: Designed for businesses offering professional services, such as engineering or consultation.

Dynamics 365 Field Service: Tailored for businesses providing offsite services, including demolition experts, plumbers, or nurses conducting in-home visits for infants.

Advance Of Choosing Us

Data Analytics and Visualisation’s CRM consultants are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of Dynamics CRM. They’ve earned a well-respected reputation for their deep product understanding, accomplishments, and reliable services among the CRM community as well as their customers. Their capabilities range from remote Microsoft Dynamics training to onsite implementation upgrades and support – making them true masters at what they do!

Boasting an impressive collection of the most talented CRM consultants in Canada and Pacific Northwest, we tailor a unique strategy for each client’s data integration needs. Our proficiency lies in implementing Dynamics CRM applications to accommodate diverse business scenarios such as healthcare delivery or donor management. We also provide comprehensive training so teams can fully unlock the potential of this powerful platform. On top of that, our team has expert knowledge on some advanced technologies from Microsoft like Power BI, Flow (Power Automate), Power Apps, Virtual Agents and Portals too!

Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution

Could and Adaptable Deployment Alternatives

We boast a wealth of experience in deploying Dynamics 365 applications via online, on-premise and hybrid solutions. Our cloud experts are adept at integrating CRM into your cloud strategy or hosting it on the server if there’s limited internet access in your region or other restrictions that require this approach.

The Potency of XRM: An Informative Perspective 

Dynamics 365 CRM applications are built on a flexible framework to fit your unique business needs. You can customize it, integrate with Outlook, or take advantage of the specialized solutions offered by AppSource for an enhanced experience.

Observe Each Interaction Point

Examine a comprehensive activity feed that covers individuals, organizations, leads and opportunities. Delve into all the emails, phone calls, tasks and other data related to any entity. Streamline customer interactions for future use by setting up workflows or utilizing Power Automate – making it easier than ever before! Our tone is informative yet friendly; written in third person so as not to be overly direct.

Marketing Automation Capabilities

Make the most of your Dynamics 365 CRM solution by integrating any email marketing, event marketing or digital platform. Lead scoring can help you identify top prospects and then hone in on them through targeted nurture campaigns. Leverage our BI capabilities combined with the comprehensive reporting structure within Dynamics to gain deep insights into data analysis.

Capabilities of Sales Force Automation

Streamline lead management and identify potential cross-selling opportunities with a single, centralized system. Keep an eye on sales performance for individuals, teams, and companies in combination with the ERP software to accurately forecast income as well as recognize any lags within the pipeline. Bolster team collaboration and synergy by integrating seamlessly into Office 365 tools like Teams or Outlook!

Capabilities in Customer Service

Provide your clients with the convenience of starting cases via multiple avenues, such as their website, telephone call, social media platform or even a customer portal. Our team is able to promptly and accurately respond to cases by closely monitoring service contracts and service level agreements in real-time – enabling us to guarantee an optimum standard of care at all times. We can further enhance our case handling process through workflows or Power Automate – allowing for seamless routing of incoming calls, emails and tasks directly into specific queues assigned for individuals or teams.


Navigating Dynamics 365’s pricing can be a tricky task. To explore potential discounts related to product bundling, government/educational usage, light-use employees and high volume orders, it is best to contact the relevant team for further guidance. It must be noted that prices are subject to change without prior warning – so make sure you stay in touch with Data Analytics and Visualisation if you want up-to-date info on their products!

Data Analytics & Visualisation consulting Microsoft Dymanics 365 Consultants Can Help Your Business

Our Microsoft Dynamics professionals have comprehensive knowledge about the Microsoft platform, along with many years of project experience. We are familiar with licensing models and can give advice to your team on efficient licensing. Through our strong partnership with  Microsoft, we have access to the latest business intelligence and data analytics development.