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Power Automate is a powerful Microsoft tool designed to modernize your workflow and save time by automating your essential tasks. Created with powerful workflow engines, Power Automate can help your business streamline app creation, model various processes across multiple data sources, and automate workflows.

Power Automate features Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which facilitates the training of bots to complete various business tasks and processes. This includes recording step-by-step actions with data entry, keyboard clicks, and mouse use to build smart workflows.

With Power Automate, users can use both UI- and API-based automation on a single platform.

At Data Analytics & Visualisation, we offer Power Automate consulting, implementation, and support services so that you can increase efficiency while reducing costs with powerful apps that automate processes.

Benefits of Power Automate

Power Automate comes with a range of benefits for businesses.

Get Started Quickly
With Power Apps, businesses become empowered to create automated processes using easy drag-and-drop functionalities and low-code options. Get access to hundreds of AI assistance, pre-made connectors, and thousands of customisable templates to automate tasks.

Increased Productivity
With Power Automate, you can train bots to manage common tasks unique to your business with accuracy. By implementing it, you can focus on other valuable work of your organisation as the bots take care of repetitive work.

Streamline Workflow
Power Automate gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to build automated workflows for your business. With its intuitive design, Power Automate can easily be used by anyone, even those with no knowledge of design.

Secured Automation
With Power Apps, businesses can ensure the security and safety of their end-to-end automated processes. The tool leverages Microsoft security by managing scripts on a centralised platform.

Visualize Processes
Users can now record and visualize processes using task and process mining. This enables them to determine what operations to automate by viewing guided recommendations for flows.

Intelligent Automations
Create intelligent automated processes by leveraging the AI Builder. Power Automate allows you to process forms quickly by using document automation as well as detect text and images, create with pre-made models, and process approvals.

Power Automate Services with Data Analytics & Visualisation consulting.

Are you looking for automated workflow or have a process flow that needs continuous updates?

At Data Analytics & Visualisation, we have a team of experts who can help implement and manage your Power Automate workflows in an optimal way.

Power Automate Consulting Service
Do you have repetitive processes that you want to transform into automated workflows but lack the expertise and resources to do it? We can help you define the scope and offer the expertise of professional developers who can automate your business processes.

Power Automate Staff Outsourcing
Do you want a Power Automate expert to expand your development team? We can offer you our experts to augment your staff so that you get the right expertise in-house for every day workflows.

Power Automate Custom Solutions
We can work with you and help you design the perfect solution for your workflow automation needs. Our experienced developers can design automation, automate outdated manual tasks, and improve your business’s flow.

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