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A Microsoft tool, Power Virtual Agents is designed to create powerful AI-enabled chatbots for various tasks, including providing answers to frequently asked questions as well as resolving complex issues.

With Power Virtual Agents, teams can easily build and bring a chatbot to life so that they can easily manage everyday and repetitive tasks. Chatbots can be integrated with products and services to enable processes like routing to a human agent or creating a customer service case, depending on the trigger. With Virtual Agents, it is now easier than ever to manage live chats, personalise conversations, and call APIs.

If your business is looking to create chatbots to automate and execute simple to complex scenarios, Data Analytics and Visualisation can help you leverage Microsoft’s Bot Framework. Create bots that enable customer service requests, image analysis, and more.

What Is Power Virtual Agents?

Power Virtual Agents is a chatbot designed via Microsoft bot development interface, which is equipped with simple templated and in-built connectors. Users can integrate Virtual Agents with Azure Bot Services and the Microsoft Bot Framework to create powerful and complex bot cases.

Key Features of Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents offers various features and benefits for a business.

Seamless Integration: As part of the Office 365, Power Virtual Agents can be easily integrated with Microsoft apps. Bots can be integrated with demo websites, live websites, apps, and platforms like Facebook, Skype, Telegram, and email services.

Diverse Skills: Power Virtual Agents can be leveraged for a number of activities that need to be automated. It allows users to schedule appointments, resolve simple IT issues, manage repetitive or manual tasks, or even send confirmation emails.

AI-Powered Functions: With Power Virtual Agents, users can personalise conversations, suggest topics for chat transcripts, and identify overlapping topics.
Data Analytics: Thanks to Power Virtual Agents, users can now leverage customer satisfaction analytics, which offers detailed data on customer experience, engagement, satisfaction, etc.

The Power Agents are also used to record sessions with customers.

Why Your Business Needs to Use Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a power tool that offers a range of diverse benefits to businesses. Let’s take a look at why you should invest in it.

Create Bots Easily: Power Virtual Agents allows businesses to develop intelligent virtual agents or bots. Since it has a guided zero-code interface, it reduces the need to train and teach your team how to code.

Minimise Operational Costs: With Power Virtual Agents, businesses can create bots that can handle a wide range of customer-related issues. This reduces the need to employ additional skilled staff to manage customer conversation, allowing the team to focus on more complex issues.

Improve Customer Experience: Since Virtual Agents are available 24/7, they can assist customers at any time of the day and resolve their issues immediately, even without the availability of live agents. This leads to better customer engagement and develops customer loyalty.

Monitor Performance: Businesses can analyse whether their chatbots are working efficiently by using data-driven insights. Users can monitor the performance and health of their bots on a continuous basis, allowing them to work on their performance through AI-enabled functionalities.

Drive Actions: Users can integrate Virtual Agents with their products and services that are used every day with the help of pre-built connectors, by leveraging Power Automate to create custom workflows and using the Bot Framework to create complex scenarios.

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