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Power BI for Data Analytics & Visualisation

Power BI is a cloud-based suite of business analytics tools that offers quick in-depth insight by visualising data. Power BI from Microsoft is the tool you need to aggregate multiple sources of data, prevent data silos, and drive impromptu data analysis, allowing you to see a comprehensive view of your company’s assets.

With Power BI, Data Analytics & Visualisation, we can help businesses create a plethora of beautiful, visual data reports and import them to the web, desktop, or mobile devices.

All users can access a personal dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of the business. Live dashboards allow you to view metrics and key performance indicators based on local and on- cloud data.

Get connected and gain 360-degree insights from Power BI no matter where your data is hosted!

Why Businesses Need Power BI

Businesses face various challenges when it comes to their data and gaining insights into their company. With Power BI, we can help clients have 360-degree insight into their company’s data.

Power BI eliminates the challenges below:
● Since data is present in multiple locations, it can be difficult and time-consuming for users to access all of it and get a complete and comprehensive picture of the business.
● It can be difficult for businesses to programmatically manage or securely access and retrieve data living in software as a services (SaaS) solutions and other remote locations.
● Business users need updated and live data with a single click, no matter where the data is residing, or the user is working from.
A one-size-solution may not work for your organisation as different roles have different levels of access and authorisation. This is where Power BI comes in.

Benefits of Using Power BI

● Quick and instantaneous access and retrieval of data
● An in-depth 360-degree picture of the company
● Allow users to work with personalised dashboards and reports
● Create beautifully engaging reports and visualisation
● Allows organisations’ colleagues to prepare individual reports
● Explore and remodel data
● Access insights from any web, desktop, or mobile device
● Offers increased collaboration across the organisation
● Data analysis for all

Key Features of Power BI

Content Packages
A pre-built dashboard for customised reporting for major SaaS platforms like Marketo, GitHub, ZenDesk, Salesforce, and more.

Real-time Dashboards
A live dashboard that offers data visualisation with automated scheduled updates to keep your Power BI data synced with all data sources.

Secure Data Connection
Secure connection to local sources of data with end-to-end encryption, sensitivity labelling, and real-time monitoring, to get 360-degree organisational insights. Data courses include Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouses, SQL Database Auditing, etc.).

On-the-Go Access
Access to mobile applications which allow business users access to important data on the go.

Data Analytics & Visualisation consulting Power BI Consultants Can Help Your Business

Our Power BI professionals have comprehensive knowledge about the power Power BI platform, along with many years of project experience. We are familiar with licensing models and can give advice to your team on efficient licensing. Through our strong partnership with  Microsoft, we have access to the latest business intelligence and data analytics development and can help your organisation build a cutting-edge BI environment.