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Power Apps offers collaboration between departments, creating bridges with teams so that they can build custom apps together. The visual tools are highly robust and intuitive and eliminate the need for coding, so it becomes easy to solve business solutions.

The tool has an extendable platform that facilitates data sharing and integration so that you can build and share apps on various devices. Now, businesses can access an extensive range of app scenarios, leverage model-oriented apps and canvas, and create any apps from simple inspection forms to comprehensive marketing views.

Through the integration of its unique features and services, Power Apps offers personalisation at various levels in order to meet your business’s visions and goals. At Data Analytics & Visualisation, we can improve the agility and flexibility of your organisation’s operations with Power Apps, so that you may develop custom apps to solve complex issues. The best thing about Power Apps is that it is low-code, which makes it super easy to achieve optimisation.

Benefits of Using Power Apps

At Data Analytics & Visualisation, we can help your business leverage Power Apps to offer insights into complex problems. With this low-code tool, we can restructure and transform your business processes to increase performance.

Build Apps Quickly
With Power Apps, your business can start creating apps without wasting time. The tool offers the drag-and-drop feature, the right placement, and pre-made templates and enables your teams to set higher benchmarks. Then, you can roll out app improvements on an as-needed basis.

Access to Advanced Features
We offer state-of-the-art features that can help everyone to create custom applications. Power Apps offers AI-based functionalities, many of which were previously accessible to only professional designers. However, thanks to Power Apps, these functionalities, including ready-made AI functions, are now available and accessible to users at all levels.

Increased Agility
We facilitate developers with the tools they need so that they can quickly turn their ideas into action without sacrificing the quality and functionality of the app. Power Apps can integrate with platforms like Azure Functions to on-premise or proprietary systems.

Connected to Data Sources
Power Apps allows all your apps to stay connected with multiple data sources. By accessing a library of over 260 connectors as well as Common Data Service, your business will maintain a single source of business data truth, which will expand Power Apps capabilities and restructure and modernise business processes.

Key Features of Power Apps

Power Apps offer various functionalities and capabilities for businesses.

Canvas Apps
Power Apps allows designing and building custom apps for all devices, including web, tablet and mobile, which aligns with the scope of the project while allowing you to access data from hundreds of sources. You can either start from scratch or use Microsoft programs like Power BI to start building.

Model-Driven Apps
Get started with Power Apps and gain the versatility and flexibility to build beautiful and highly responsive apps and websites. Leverage the tool for its dataverse functionalities to configure shapes, flow, and form.

Powerful Experiences
Design immersive and highly engaging experiences with external-facing websites by sharing apps with external users. Develop responsive websites by leveraging the low-code approach.

Microsoft Dataverse
Included with Power Apps, Microsoft Dataverse allows you to securely manage, and store data used by business apps. Integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365.

Get Started with Data Analytics & Visualisation

At Data Analytics & Visualisation, we can help businesses leverage Power Apps, whether they are working on-site or remotely. We offer Power Apps consultations, implementation, support, and training services for businesses.